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Success Stories

The first day we brought Miso home, he didn’t cry at all on the car ride home. He was incredibly curious, and wanted to explore absolutely everything. Since I already had an adult cat at home, I tried to keep Miso secluded in our study, but he had other plans! As soon as my partner opened the door, Miso came dashing out, right up to Katsu, and nose kissed him.
Best friends for life.

The Dorian Family & Miso

We visited your shelter not knowing that we would leave with a puppy (well, I knew but my fiancé needed a little persuading). She changed our lives and instantly brought us such joy, that we decided to return to save her baby brother, Jackson. Nothing can compare to the unconditional love you will receive from a rescue animal.

The Gibbs Family & Missy... and also Jackson

This is our beloved Miro, adopted from Adoptable just six weeks ago. With the support of your lovely foster carers and now with a permanent home she has come out of her shell and absolutely adores her new life. Frank and I are so thankful you saved her and the stars aligned so we could welcome her into our family.

The Marshall Family and Miro